Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Madrassa Education in India

adrassa education in India aims at educating Muslim children living in this country. Madrassas were originally established to spread the message of Islam and impart religious teaching on its followers. The Ulamas, a group of religious specialists used to perform the role of teachers in Madrassa to spread Islam outside the Arabian Peninsula. A Madrassa was as treated as a high school or college earlier. In the Islamic era, there were thousands of Madrassas which were as big as some universities today. They were full with exhibit museums, libraries and visiting scholar programs.

Great scholars and professors dedicated their lives in the Madrassas for learning the philosophy of Islam, the Farsi language, and more significantly, to broaden knowledge among ordinary public.

Monarchs as well as masses were educated in the Madrassas in the yesteryears. And even today Madrassa education in India has played a vital role in educating thousands of Muslim children. The importance of Madrassas lies in its potential to make education available to the poorer section of the society.

The central as well as the state government of India provide various facilities to make easy the Madrassa education in India. To help Muslim students get higher education, the Central government is trying to permit Madrassa students to join conventional courses in various colleges and universities.

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