Monday, July 5, 2010

Deemed Universities in India

As per the record of the Department of Higher Education, Government of in India, there are more than109 Deemed Universities in India today. The Central Govt of India, which establishes the Central Universities in India, are also entrusted with the responsibility of declaring an educational institution as a Deemed University. However the declaration is made on the recommendation of University Grant Commission (UGC) of India. Among other things, the UGC is entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining the standard of higher of education in India. Therefore an educational institute acquires the status of a Deemed University only after meeting the standard set by the University Grant Commission. The UGC may also decide to fund some of these Deemed Universities.

The Deemed University status enables the educational institutes to design their own syllabus and course work. They also get the autonomy to set its own guidelines regarding admission and fees. Some of the Deemed Universities are also allowed to grant degrees on their own name.

Thus the Deemed Universities in India get the opportunities to develop their own unique course structure to prepare the students to enter into diverse fields after the completion of their study. Those Deemed Universities which continue to perform well eventually get the status of a full- fledged University.

On this page we have tried to provide you the details of the Deemed Universities in India. So far as the Inidiaedu team is concerned the details of the Deemed Universities in India are authentic and correct.

However if you encounter any discrepancy in the information provided here, please feel free to contact us. We would appreciate any effort that would help improve the page, a page that wishes to provide the best information on India's Deemed Universities.

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