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Assam Agricultural University
about university
Assam Agricultural University is the first institution of its kind in northeastern India. The main objective of this institution is to produce globally competitive resources human sectorand farm to conduct research in both conventional and border areas to optimize the production and circulation of technologies generated to the public the benefit of producers good food and manufactures and operators involved in the sector, with particular emphasis on sustainability, equity and global food security in households.
Genesis of the UCA
During the 20th century, the establishment of two research stations, one in Karimganj (1913) and the other in Titabor (1923) paved the way, immediately after independence, the constitution of the Assam Agricultural College (AAC) in Jorhat and the Assam Veterinary College (AVC) in Nagaon in 1948. Later, on April 1, 1969, Assam Agricultural University came into being through "The Assam Agricultural University Act 1968, AAC and renaming the College of Agriculture based in Jorhat and stroke, Faculty of Veterinary Science, while changing the site to Khanapara Nagaon.
Subsequently, the Faculty of Home (1969), College of Fisheries (1988), Biswanath College of Agriculture (1988) and Lakhimpur College of Veterinary Science (1988) were established. Similarly, some more regional research stations in Shillongani, Diphu, Gossaigaon, Lakhimpur, and research stations in commodity Kahikuchi, Buralikson, Tinsukia, Kharua, Mandira Burnihat add to generate the production of specific crops and agricultural packages.Mandates location
Vision of the UCA
Providing quality human resources to facilitate technology led agricultural renaissance revitalize and rejuvenate the post-green revolution in agriculture to ensure production and environmental sustainability led to a low of 4% agricultural growth, such as nutritional security issues family, the situation of farmers, agricultural trade, regional, national food crisis to benefit from technological innovations morldogy, market reforms and liberalization.

Estd. 1969 (State University)
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